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We are a custom plate rolling, angle rolling and structural rolling company serving the fabrication industry nationwide

P&M Industries can create, customize or build each component necessary to complete your project.

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We customize and manipulate many different mediums to create carbon steel cylinders and stainless steel cylinders. We also roll clad materials and aluminum. P&M is ASME code certified and we fabricate to the ASME sec 1 & Sec VII, Div. 1 codes. Together our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the operation of plate rolls and angle rolls. Since we have several sizes of plate rolls and angle rolls and the knowledge and experience to operate them, P&M Industries has the flexibility to roll a vast variety of diameters catered to your specific project.

The Power of Steel

Structural steel has a long list of powerful capabilities associated with it as a sustainable and highly reliable material for construction. However, when the rolling and welding process is necessary to transform steel into a product to be used for construction and other industrial applications, the process quickly becomes complex and demanding. If you do not have a company who can do this properly, the material’s viability can be compromised. The processes needed in appropriate steel rolling and welding take a specific expertise that only some companies retain. P&M Industries has this expertise.

Steel Benefits

Steel is the perfect material for a wide range of applications. When likened to other metals, the material weighs far less and it is more economical than many of them. Utilizing it can give products a great deal of strength. Because of this, it is a very popular material for large-scale construction projects. Steel is also quite malleable, allowing it to be customized to fit your specifications if you hire a steel roller and welder with the skill and experience necessary to make these transformations possible. Structural steel is an alloy, and as such, it can be adapted to give it different properties. This makes it useful for a tremendous array of projects.

Adaptability with Welding & Rolling

Steel in its natural form is a strong material and with proper welding, rolling and fabrication techniques this trait can be greatened. For instance without welding and fabrication customizations, steel would not be nearly as reliable for high-pressure applications such as columns and I-beams in commercially designed buildings. Not every rolling and welding team can manipulate steel to its full potential, but here at P&M Industries we have the experience necessary to create steel products which are ideal for your construction and design projects. We customize our process to meet your specifications, giving you a final product you will be able to depend on for a very long time.

Applications for Heavy Steel Plate Rolling
While there are innumerable applications for rolled plate and rolled sheet metal, we tend to encounter certain applications more than others. Our heavy plate rolling and angle rolling services are most often used to create components for metal duct work, circular tank walls, boilers, piping, stacks, molds, bridges, high pressure processing tanks, and even the smoker in your backyard. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality product no matter how big or small.

About Us

We’re a little different

P&M Industries, Inc. has a long history of service to the Tulsa, Oklahoma fabrication industry. The Company was formed in 1978 offering custom plate rolling and structural angle rolling services. We were designed intentionally to meet the needs of the Tulsa, Oklahoma plate fabrication industry. In 1992, we were honored to receive ASME accreditation and stamps for {U} and {S} construction. Due to our ongoing reputation for quality, honesty, and service, we have grown from a local, regional company to a nationwide supplier. We now service the custom plate and angle rolling needs of a large variety of diverse industries including: energy, petroleum and chemical process and storage, aerospace, housing and commercial construction, municipal water storage, crane ways, bridges, agricultural and even an occasional personal home project.

Facilities – Every industry starts small even if the projects are big. We began in 1978 in an 8,000 square foot building with an 8-foot-by-8-foot office and only four employees. The twelve years that followed that beginning allowed us to move to our current 34,000 square foot shop with a separate 2,000 square foot office in 1990. Needing more space for our growth, in 1998 we expanded into a neighboring 8,000 square foot building. With more space came more opportunity for work. We now have approximately 5 acres of outdoor storage space which includes the ability to unload material directly from flatbed rail cars. Inside our facility, we are able to manufacture, manipulate, customize and load up to 35-ton vessels.

Giving Back to the Community – While we’ve expanded to the industry nationally, P&M and it’s employees greatly value the importance of doing our part to invest in the Tulsa area and make it a better place. We joyfully partner with the public school system to provide educational supplies. We have provided food, clothing, and household items to Hope Harbor Children’s Home. We have helped organizations such as Eagle Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and area Little League teams as well. And it is our honor to offer our best to support our military troops with care packages around the world. We know we have been blessed and believe it is our duty and good service that those other than ourselves benefit from our success.


Our Team

P&M’s team has been in the plate and steel rolling industry for a combined 100+ years, and our team is what makes P&M a company of the highest quality in the angle rolling and plate rolling industry. Our expertise and knowledge in the steel fabrication industry is vast. And specifically our knowledge in steel plate rolling, including processes such as pressure vessel rolling, far supersedes that of our national competitors. Though our focus is on custom rolling of your design, our team has expertise in drafting and engineering. The leadership team at P&M is dedicated to ensuring that every job has the right skilled employees to meet our high standard of quality that you deserve. We strive to work only with the best. We have qualified ASME code welders who also have years of knowledge and expertise in producing a high quality weld that is clean, pure, strong and safe. We value our angle and plate rolling machine operators who are a longtime fixture at P&M and know that they will not let a bad part slide by! The unique combination of our years of experience and the fortitude to better our business with new certifications and education, allows us to offer our customers reliable and consistent services across the board.

Jim Parker (retired/consultant)

Owner, Founder, and CEO. 60+ years in ASME Pressure Vessel design, fabrication, and management.

Mark Parker

Owner and President. Began as a shop helper in 1980 learning to operate Angle Bending rolls, progressing to burning steel plate, learning the Plate Bending rolls and ASME Welding, while obtaining his Business Degree. Became co-owner in 1985.

Betty Reininger

40+ years in structural drafting and design. Began working for P&M in 1993. Betty is our go-to expert for your structural and angle rolling needs.

Steve Majors

Started working in ASME shops in 1980 as a helper, progressing to becoming a welder and then making the jump to management in a few short years. Began working for P&M in 1995 as our shop supervisor. Steve moved into the office working as QC and Sales in 2015. Steve has vast experience in the design and calculations for ASME vessels and has completed ASME seminars on ASME sec IX welding codes.

Jamie McDonald

Began working for P&M as a welder apprentice while still working on his Welder’s Certification at Tulsa Vo-Tech in 1995. Became Lead Welder in 2002, Night shift Team Leader in 2010, and then to Shop Supervisor in 2015. Jamie is responsible for maintaining team unity, productivity, and quality. We believe that Jamie’s knowledge and expertise is by far the best for ASME welding in the industry.

Plate and Angle Rolling Operators

We don’t believe you will find a company for your rolling needs, that has as much experience as our operators. P&M has 4 operators with25 year’s experience EACH!

ASME Welders

Unfortunately the submerged-arc welding process is not taught in beginning welding schools. However, we have great success in sub-arc training. And we retain those employee’s that are dedicated to continually improving their skill sets. Our radiographic standards exceed that allowed by the ASME code, and yet our repair rate is less that 1%.

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Our Products

We can customize, roll, burn, create, and weld, whatever it is your project requires.  There is no job too big and no job too small.

P&M is proud to offer plate rolling for:
– stainless steel
– carbon steel
– aluminum
– clad material
We service the custom plate and angle rolling needs of a wide variety of diverse industries including: energy, petroleum and chemical process and storage, aerospace, housing and commercial construction, municipal water storage, crane ways, bridges, agricultural and even the occasional personal home metal rolling project. Contact us for your metal rolling needs or find out more about our structural rolling company.

  • BURNING – From the start, we ensure a quality process for your finished cylinder. Each steel plate is carefully laid out and marked for the precise cut and to be perfectly squared before cutting to size. The plate is then double checked and documented by a second qualified P&M employee. We are able to provide a wide range of edges from square edges, to single bevel, to double bevel and even taper bevels are available. This can be done with or without land.
  • PLATE ROLLING – Our plate roll operators take their time as they continue this careful process by thoroughly cleaning the plate and ensuring the material is free from any potential damage before the rolling begins. Once the rolling starts, our plate roll operators monitor closely, taking care that the ends are properly aligned. Very special attention is given to throughout the rolling of the plate and to the fit-up of the long seams for the finished product. We far exceed the ASME code requirements with our roundness tolerances after post-welding reroll.
    Capabilities: Our equipment can roll from a 12” diameter up to a 168”diameter of structural material. Thickness capabilities will depend on the rolling diameter and the width of materials.
  • ANGLE ROLLING – We are honored to have some of the finest rolling operators in the industry that have crafted the challenging process of proper angle rolling. This requires hours of training and a very special set of skills to do properly. Many companies cannot perform angle rolling the way that we can – they have tried and failed. Our superior quality in this service is due to the level of expertise and commitment to excellence that P&M’s operators maintain.
  • WELDING – We consider every single job as important as the next job. Whether we are welding a massive, high pressure vessel or simply repairing the family smoker, we take pride in knowing that every weld done at our facility meets the strictest of quality standards.
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Providing services nationwide.

P&M is proud to offer quality rolling services that meet all ASME standards for ASME code shells and ASME code welding. We offer plate rolling, angle rolling, rolled cylinders, and other structural rolling for the steel fabrication industry. Contact us for more information or for a quote for your structural rolling needs.

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